Interactive classroom solutions

A Comprehensive Interactive Classroom solution with web enabled technology. It is beneficial in the following ways:vamaa-interactive-board
 Share presentations and collaborate live in interactive whiteboard space.
 Annotate and draw on top of any application, website or document. You can highlight and edit projected materials, use shapes to focus attention on key areas and illustrate or diagram concepts.
 Create interactive presentations and brainstorms. Import your own images, snapshots and office files to visualize concepts. Write, draw, organize and manipulate content on an unlimited supply of digital

Cybernetyx for the following solution:

a) EyeRIS – Multi Touch Interactive White BoardUnit

1. EyeRIS comes bundled with
2. Surface Independent & Robust – EyeRIS 3D tracking technology requires nothing to IntelliSpace Software attached on the writing surface, making the solution extremely robust & damage proof.

3. True MultiTouch – EyeRIS Supports 255 touchpoints simultaneously.

4. Smooth Writing – Feather-smooth, fast & real time writing experience. Strong5. Super-Capacitive Stylus – Gives customer a comfortable writing experience with

6. Gesture Recognition – EyeRIS & IntelliSpace have been designed to deliver a
Algorithms improve the writing quality & Readability.
super light weight and ultra fast full charging time of just 3 minutes.
Smartphone like UX (Two point zoom, pan, tilt etc.)

b) EyeSIGHT : Document Camera Solution

1. Fully Integrated with IntelliSpace &
2. Augmented Reality applications support with Cybernetyx OptiMark technology brings
3. Enlarge Textbook Diagrams – Capture any diagram from the textbook with
4. Capturing & Recording – Super Compressed video recording in IntelliSpace makes it
5. HD Object Preview – Capture any image, text or object in a life-like clarity.
6. Supports OptiMark Evaluation System – World’s first and only visualize solution does not require any additional
software to be installed textbook diagrams to life.
EyeSIGHT and show/edit the detailed view in IntelliSpace.
possible to use EyeSIGHT to capture live events.
which supports classroom evaluation at no additional cost.

c) OptiMARK : Test Evaluation System

1. EyeSIGHT acts as an OptiMark scanner
2. Report Generator – Shows the result in graphical format and generates reports in
3. Time Saving – Evaluation of hundreds of Students could be completed within a few
4. Extremely Low TCO – Normal computer printouts or photocopies of the OptiMark
5. Response System – Can also be used as a response system to capture instant
6. Analysis & Feedback – AI-based software algorithms can map student progress with
7. Performance Check – Teachers can now share the student generated reports with
and the built-in tracking application
captures the result instantly.
seconds minutes saving hours of valuable time.
sheet could be used as the evaluation sheet resulting extremely low TCO for the school. responses.
past and average data to make intelligent recommendations
the parents

d) IntelliSPACE : Whiteboard Software Suite

1. Simple & Intuitive – A fresh app-like
2. MyCloud Content Engine – Access on-demand free of cost Multimedia content from
3. Capturing & Recording – Super compressed recording makes sure the complete
4. Extensive Resource Library – IntelliSpace has relevant resources for all standards of
5. Geometrical Tools – Very Powerful tools to perform hundreds of geometrical
6. Integration with MS Office – Complete integration with MS Office tools like Word, interface with powerful but simple to learn features. the best resources on the web curated by Cybernetyx Search Engine. meetings/lectures can be captured with a good quality audio/video on a small file size. education with extensive simulations & Diagrams. exercises & other mathematical functions.
Excel & PowerPoint. Insert text and shapes from free handwriting.
Operating System Supported are:
a) Windows 7.x & above
b) Linux – Ubuntu 12.04 (64 Bit)

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